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Day 43

Editor’s note: we’ve had a slight blip in satellite communications and unfortunately don’t have a post for you this morning. Well, we have these two wonderful photos and a list of names which I suspect Ben ‘copy and pasted’ from one email to post as a thanks at the bottom of his blog email, but accidentally pasted them over his entire blog text, leaving us with a lovely selection of names for any future son…or puppy, but no news of life on the Antarctic plateau.

Hopefully this will be remedied soon but I know there are a few early risers who tune in first thing  and I didn’t want anyone worrying! We did hear from Ben earlier in the evening and can happily report that he had his best day yet in terms of distance covered and has passed 88 degrees. The sastrugi appears to be dwindling too, hurrah!

This might also be a good time to mention that Ben’s ‘Polar Playlist’, put together by the brilliant team at Flare Audio, can be listened to on Spotify here. Receiving the following excerpt of a track list (with notes on why each was chosen) may have been the highlight of pre-expedition chaos:

Antarctic Playlist

  1. Cold as Ice – couldn’t resist it
  2. The Robots – to warm you up: Kraftwerk as re-imagined by a Latin American ensemble
  3. The World is a Ghetto – steel drums never sounded so mournful
  4. Last Great American Whale – might you see a whale while you’re there?
  5. Main title from ‘Res’ – to remind you of the urban world you’ve left behind
  6. Heads High – good for motivational dancing
  7. Dancing with Myself – which is what you’ll be doing
  8. Humidity Index – another one to combat the cold
  9. People make the world go round – yes they do
  10. God save the Jungle – & all other natural wildernesses for that matter…

Pip Saunders



What happens to your compass when you reach the pole? With your back to the pole is every direction north?


Andrew Paterson


Ben & Team,

Another couple of questions, from my son (Paul) and his classmates (6th grade, Bordeaux):
– is the South Pole marked by a statue or flag?
– since the Poles “move”, does the marker get moved too?
– does Ben have to do something special to show that he got to the South Pole?
– there’s a scientific station there (Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station), what is Ben going to do when he arrives – stop, say hi, sleep (they know he can’t reload)?
– where is the “end” (ie. what signifies the planned end / arrival of the adventure)?

Go Ben GO!!

Andrew & Paul


Lynn Campbell


i have to say i enjoyed Pip’s post as much as I am enjoying yours.

So you were e-mailing her a list of future baby’s names were you? 😊

I was thinking yeaterday you must be fast approaching the half way point and be on your inward leg of the journey.

The record is yours for the taking. I dont even know you and I’m so proud of you

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