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Hi all,

I’m Chris Read, a former LCpl in the Royal Engineers. Deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan and the Falklands (not too far from where Ben currently is, but with considerably better visibility). I was medically discharged from service and have since had my pelvis rebuilt along with other stuff. I now work for Mission Motorsport, an amazing Charity which is supported by The Endeavour Fund, part of The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The Endeavour Fund specifically supports wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women through funding sport and adventurous challenge, while at the same time promoting recovery, rehabilitation, and re-skilling. Mission Motorsport provides opportunities and vocational training within the motorsport industry.

The first time we met Ben was when we were invited to the launch of his current Trans-Antarctic Solo Expedition at the Royal Geographic Society in London in September 2017.

I found it to be an incredible place with an overwhelming history contained within its walls; something which Ben is firmly part of, and we all felt very privileged to attend.

Our involvement in the project was to create sponsor logos for his Land Rover vehicles and also to produce the sponsor logos displayed on the pulk which he is currently dragging across Antarctica.

I find what Ben is doing incredible and extremely inspirational for a few reasons:

He’s doing it alone.

He’s doing it for a charity which supports injured veterans such as myself, my team and many friends and colleagues. Not to mention that he is doing this in memory of his close friend; Henry Worsley, himself a former soldier.

Any of these things in isolation is impressive but when they are all put together, the mental robustness and courage to undertake such a challenge leaves me in awe.

Best of luck Ben, sincerely… from all of us at Mission Motorsport. We’re keeping track of you and are looking forward to seeing you again on your return. Stay safe and warm!! 😊


Ben is undertaking this expedition to support The Endeavour Fund, a charity which works to support wounded and vulnerable servicemen and women. If you feel inspired to donate, Ben would love your help and his Virgin money giving page can be found here.

Pip Saunders

Clive Henderson


Do you know if there are any Afghani skiers in Antarctica raising funds for wounded Afghan soldiers and civilians? It would be touching if a joint fund raising ski holiday could be undertaken by British, Iraqi, Afghan, Syrian, and Yemeni skiers, with critical logistics such as brand placement covered by Mission Motorsport and the equivalent charities operating in these countries.


Kevin Wright


Hi Chris, I was also invited to the launch I think it was because I followed Ben on his Scott Expedition. I was lucky enough to get my picture with Ben next to the Landrover with your logo designs. You did a great job. I’m also a great supporter of any charity which involves you guys and following a childhood dream with my brother we visited Antarctica in 2015 and kayaked between two icebergs for H4H. Just a bit of fun really and thought it would be good to do something special while we were down there. We raised £2500 in the process and a bit more when opening a special bottle of Shackletons whisky! It was on the mainland of Antarctica with the union jack 🇬🇧 Flying on a nice piece ice at the top of a rock formation near the Argintinian research station. Magic moments and fond memories! I will be supporting your charity during the time Ben is on the ice and have a few things planned for next year. Keep up your good work and did you write a book about some of your adventures overseas? Your name rings a bell! Kev


Chris Read


Hi Kev, glad you enjoyed it too. Thanks for your continued support of the Veteran community and also of explorers like Ben.

Your experience kayaking between two glaciers sounds incredible…definitely envious, and for a great charity too. Well done to you and your brother.

I’ve got to disappoint on the book writing though….not me 🙂

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