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From the Horse’s Mouth

I’m going to be speaking about my latest solo expedition in Antarctica at the Royal Geographical Society in ...


Last Night in Antarctica

I’ve just heard a rumour that the Ilyushin aircraft that will take me from Antarctica back to Punta ...



Oh Snap

‘Fiddlesticks!’, I yelled into the wind (or words to that effect – I learned yesterday that my blog ...


An Even Harder Day in the Office

Henry Worsley called me from his satellite phone on Christmas Day 2015. We were in the same hemisphere ...


A Hard Day in the Office

Miles of merciless sastrugi today, with a nippy wind and a lot of cloud just to spice things ...


‘He Who Travels Fastest…’

‘…Travels alone.’ I’m pretty sure these are Rudyard Kipling’s words, and I’ve been mulling them over today, wondering ...


This is More Like it

The weather has been ace today: blue sky all day, quite cold this morning with a bit of ...


500km in the Bag

Well, 505 to be exact, and that’s a straight-line distance from my drop-off point on Berkner Island last ...


Another Day, Another Whiteout

On my daily satellite phone call to Union Glacier (ALE’s base in Antarctica) in which I report my ...


Same Same

A bit of a groundhog day situation here, I’m sad to report. The sastrugi still abound, although at ...


Simple Man

I’m not entirely sure what to write about today, as not a great deal happened down here, and ...


If it Ain’t One Thing

To paraphrase the rapper Snoop Dogg – and by paraphrase I mean remove all the swear words from ...


An Odd Furrow

Not a great deal to report today, I’m afraid. The whiteout that dogged me yesterday was still lingering ...


A Tug on the Shoelaces

Today was much the same as yesterday – absurdly warm for Antarctica, rubbish surface, rolling terrain – with ...