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All the Feels

It’s hard to know how to write about today. Lying here in my tent at 8.40pm it feels ...


Mustang Sallee

I was looking forward to getting my skates on today and making some decent headway south, but Antarctica ...


Month: October 2017

Travelling South

From my diary this Wednesday: 21st-century air travel is an astonishing thing. I went to sleep somewhere over ...


Polar Fitness

As a self-confessed human performance geek, I’ve always been fascinated by the physiological demands of endurance and ultra-endurance ...


On Job Satisfaction and Antarctica

I’ve been talking a lot recently about the anti-climax I felt at the end of the Scott Expedition; ...


How are you Feeling?

“How are you feeling” has been the most frequent question I’ve been asked in the last month, and ...